Can Ferrets Eat Cat Food? – All You Need to Know About Feeding Ferrets

Ferrets are quickly becoming very popular as pets. Although they are small creatures, they require sensitive care as they are very delicate and fragile. There are many questions related to their diet like can ferrets eat cat food? Is it ok for ferrets to eat cat food? Etc.

They are adorable furry creatures with high intelligence and are known for their need to socialize. Because they are fragile creatures, even little carelessness by the owner can result in a serious injury for them.

The average sleep hours of a ferret per day is 20 hours. They live up to a lifespan of 5 to 10 years. They love to explore and are very playful and active when they are awake.

It is always recommended to adopt more than one ferret as they are very social animals and need social contact for being happy and healthy.

Ferrets are also very clean animals and ferrets good pets usually do not require any care in terms of cleanliness but bathing them twice every year is recommended to keep the house clean and it also helps in checking their fur for any flee or alike.

While bathing them make sure the water is warm and not hot. Using only water is sufficient but there are soaps specially made for ferrets that can be used if necessary.

Ferrets are carnivorous animals that require meat for growth. Meat should always be included in their everyday diet.

Raw meat is the best for them. Their average diet should consist of up to 32 to 38 percent of protein and 15 to 20 percent of fat.


Can ferrets eat cat food?

can ferrets eat cat food

Ferrets are predatory by nature and therefore are fond of raw meat and whole prey. Ferrets can eat kitten food as it is high in meat protein.

Cat food does not contain high meat protein compared to kitten food and therefore, though can ferrets eat cat food as it will not harm them but it is also not particularly beneficial.

Therefore, we would not recommend you to give cat food to your ferrets instead serve them kitten food.

  1. Does ferret eat cat food?


Can ferrets eat cat food but it is of no use to them meat protein-wise. Instead, kitten food would be better for them as it contains sufficient meat protein required in the diet of ferrets.

  1. Is it ok for ferrets to eat cat food?



It is okay for ferrets to eat cat food as it consists of meat that is also the diet of ferrets but it is not sufficient in providing the required meat protein for the ferrets.

We would not recommend you to frequently feed your ferrets with cat food as it is not beneficial for them and their health.

But if it’s an emergency then you may once or twice feed your ferrets with cat food. A good and beneficial alternative for cat food for ferrets would be kitten food.

  1. What kind of cat food can ferrets eat?

can ferrets eat cat food


You can feed your ferrets with high meat protein cat food or as an alternative feed them kitten food that meets the requirement of high meat protein food.

Cat foods containing raw meat can be used to feed ferrets as their diet is made of meat proteins and fats. They are carnivorous animals and therefore meat is essential for them.

  1. What brand of cat food can Ferrets eat?


Cat food can be consumed by ferrets but only the ones that do not contain any kind of vegetable or fruit as they are difficult to digest for ferrets.

Cat food should contain meat preferably raw meat that of chicken, lamb, minced beef, etc.

Some of the cat food brands that ferrets can eat are:

  • Iams Proactive Healthy Kitten – this cat food has 33% of meat protein and 22% of fat content. They have chicken and chicken meal in their ingredients which is ideal for ferrets.
  • Royal Canin Kitten Dry Cat Food – this brand has 16 % of fat and 34% of meat protein content. You can serve this with fatty acid supplements to your ferrets as the fat content in this brand is a little low.
  • Hills Science Diet Kitten Healthy Development – this cat food brand has 36% and 23% of protein and fat content respectively. It is perfect to meet ferrets’ diet requirements.
  1. Do ferrets need salt licks?

can ferrets eat cat food

Ferrets usually get the needed salt in their body through their food diet of raw meat. But sometimes the meat you give may not contain enough salt to satisfy your ferret’s body needs.

You can notice if your ferrets require salt by observing any unusual activity from them like the increased licking of your skin especially if you are sweating or something similar like licking salty surfaces. But consulting an expert is also necessary.

You can make up for it by giving them kibbles or optimized ferret treats. These are enough.

Ferrets do not need salt licks as they can be excessive for them. So, stick to kibble or salty meats to make them have a sufficient amount of salt.


Can ferrets eat cheese?

Do not feed your ferrets cheese or any kind of dairy product for that matter as their body is not designed to digest them. it is made to digest raw meat and its protein.

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