Where to Buy a Cockatiel: The Best Pet Stores and Online Suppliers

Cockatiels, described as small parrots with yellow heads and crests which get raised in a period of excitement and alarm. They also have reddish or orange-ish ear-coverts, which are meant to protect their ears while having turbulence in flight. They are well known for having a melodious chirp and being a companion pet. This might pop the thought that where to buy a cockatiel?

where to buy a cockatiel

It is also pretty easy to make out the differences between a female and a male cockatiel. A female cockatiel has faded crest colors, is quiet and docile. Whereas the male cockatiel has a vibrant crest, a more melodic voice, and can easily catch up tricks that are taught. They have learned to bring out human phrases on their own. So you can choose your companion following your nature. They are easy to keep.


    Where to Buy a Cockatiel Bird?

You can easily buy a cockatiel from a nearby pet shop or birdlife. You can search for people who owned them previously, and now due to some reasons want to give them out for adoption.


    Where to Buy a Cockatiel Online?

There are certain stores that have their online portal as well. You can visit those sites.


    Where Can you Get a Cockatiel from and Things to Keep in Mind?

Look out for a trustworthy person who has past customers and is genuine. They should not be involved in any animal hurting or illegal pet trades. The process should be licensed. If you feel that the person is not genuine, then you should inform the authority.

Having a pet is not an easy task. You have to take care of them as your child. Initially, even they need extra care and support. So it is better to first know if you really are capable of handling the new responsibilities. Before adopting one make sure to keep these things in mind:

where to buy a cockatiel

  1. Do a study of what cockatiels are as a pet.
  2. Do you have enough time to maintain them and spend time?
  3. Do you have the finances to adopt one and take care in the future?
  4. Costs will also apply to its cage and other equipment.
  5. Look out for organizations that are genuine and are up for giving the bird.
  6. Be sure regarding the age and health of the bird.
  7. It will be better if you physically go and choose the one for you.


1) Can a cockatiel bird speak?

Well, they do have their own language to communicate. They have become capable of copying human beings’ language just as parrots. But this needs training and time.

2) Do Cockatiels need a companion?

Many bird pets are preferred to be adopted in a pair. Because yes they too need affection. Cockatiels are one of them too.

3) Are cockatiels high-maintenance birds?

Yes, they come into high maintenance bird list.