What Can Cockatiels Eat? A Complete Guide to Feeding Your Pet Cockatiel

Cockatiels are cute small birds. They are kept as a pet in many European countries, this is so because of their cuteness and activeness. Keeping cockatiel is not simple you have to take care of their diet, home, and health. The most frequently asked question about keeping them is what can cockatiel eat. As humans need a proper nutrition-rich diet cockatiels also need the same.


What does cockatiel eat?

what can cockatiel eat

Cockatiels love to eat different types of seeds.  However, some seeds have high carbohydrates and fats this increased amount of nutrients can lead to an imbalance in the body of cockatiels. This is so because they are vulnerable to digestive disorders and iodine deficiency. So you must not only feed your birds to keep them alive, make sure the diet you provide them must give essential nutrients to them. This will keep your cockatiels active, healthy, and free from any type of digestive disorder. Cockatiels are mainly provided with sunflower and millet seeds. These seeds are loved by them and are rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Also, you can put some millet spray on their perches. Do not include fruit seeds in your cockatiel’s diet this is so because many fruit seeds are toxic. Before feeding them make sure the seeds and bowl are clean.

What can cockatiels eat other than seed?

Some people think cockatiels can only eat seed and they don’t like to feed on other things. This is entirely wrong because cockatiel can also eat some kind of fruit and vegetables. You can provide any seasonal fruit to your birds. For example, they can eat apples, mangoes, grapes, bananas, oranges, apricot, papaya, etc. But make sure the fruit is chopped and shredded into small pieces this will make an easy of eating for them. Also, before feeding your birds with fruits make sure they don’t contain any seeds. As fruit seeds are not good for the health of cockatiels and they can be toxic sometimes.

Can cockatiel eat avocado?

Avocado is not good for the health of cockatiels and you can not feed them with avocado. This is so because the leaves of the avocado plant contain a fatty acid-like substance called persin. Persin kills the fungus in a plant and it can be toxic and dangerous for cockatiels or other birds. Feeding birds with avocado can lead to respiratory difficulty, heart damage, weakness, and even sudden death.

Can cockatiel eat asparagus?

what can cockatiel eat

Yes, asparagus can be an ideal snack for your pet. Cockatiels can also eat asparagus as vegetables are an essential part of their diet. This vegetable is rich in nutrients and is highly beneficial in terms of the growth and health of cockatiels. So if you are also confused about what can cockatiel eat. The answer to this question is cockatiels can eat fruits and vegetables other than seeds of different kinds. However, there are some exceptions that you have to keep in mind.



What can cockatiel eat as a treat?

They can be feed with their favorite sunflower and millet seeds. Also, they love to eat vegetables and fruits.

Can cockatiel eat aloe Vera?

 Yes, aloe Vera is safe for a cockatiel to feed. This plant is not toxic and can’t cause harm to them.

Can cockatiel eat almonds?

Almonds add a wide variety of minerals and nutrients to the diet. So the answer is yes, cockatiel can eat almonds and they are safe for them.