How to Train a Cockatiel: A Step-by-Step Guide

The cockatiel is one of the most common birds when it comes to having a pet. Birds are tough to tame, and since cockatiel is a small and fearful bird, training it could be challenging and time-consuming. Considering How to train a cockatiel If you have a small cockatiel, they would be easy to train because they are brilliant and have a sense of attachment to their owners. Once you get this bird and start training it nicely, they will consider you as someone who isn’t a threat, and you can go about taming it quite easily.


How to train a cockatiel to talk?

How To Train A Cockatiel

Cockatiels are intelligent creatures. They can grasp words and syllables if trained right, although they don’t have a prominent speech, so that part could be something that can confuse you. The first thing to keep in mind when training your cockatiel is to start teaching him words in a quiet place so that he can focus on your language. Please make sure the words you say are easy and small at the beginning so that it doesn’t get tricky for a cockatiel to grab it. Enunciate your words clearly and keep repeating them until it gets the hang of it. Rewarding your cute little bird and being appreciative is also good.

How to train a cockatiel to fly to you?

You have to start easy and slowly. Keep food as bait and keep calling your cockatiel’s name so that it can fly and grab that. Try using the high-five method every time your cockatiel gets the food and your commands right. Keep doing this every day and gradually increase the distance until your birdie becomes comfortable hearing you call out his name.

How to train a cockatiel not to bite?

Biting your owner could be a form of communication your cockatiel is trying to establish. If you can figure out the reason why it’s biting, then you can work towards it. Until then, whenever your bird bites, you ensure that you don’t react too suddenly and try saying “NO” in a stern but sweet voice. For beginners who have a small cockatiel, wearing gloves would be helpful.

How to train a cockatiel to sing?

How To Train A Cockatiel

Try humming tunes and different kinds of music around your cockatiel. Ensure that you play a new song every day when your bird is with you. Start with small phrases from a song and try practicing that every day. Cockatiel’s an intelligent bird and will grab what you are trying to sing effortlessly.


  1. How to train your cockatiel to step up?

Ans. Use food to lure your cockatiel to step up. Hold it in your hand and move it a perch above and say the command step up every time your cockatiel tries to get food from you.

  1. How to train your cockatiel to be quiet?

Ans. Before you make your bird quiet, ensure that it is living in a calm and quiet environment. Keep your music and voice down, and every time it is making noise, try whispering something to him and asking him to be quiet.

  1. How to train a cockatiel not to fly away?

Ans. Firstly, if they do that, don’t get angry at it. As a small and rash cockatiel, you must clip its wings at the beginning until you tame it completely.