How to Tame a Cockatiel: A Step-by-Step Guide

When you know how to tame a cockatielyou can have all the fun with it. Having an angry cockatiel might make it difficult for you to enjoy. But if you know simple tricks and tips to tame it, you can make you and your pet happy. Follow our simple tips to tame your cockatiel, whether it is scared or angry.


How To Tame A Cockatiel That Bites?

how to tame a cockatiel

Having a cockatiel bird as a pet is fun. However, if you don’t know the right way of taming it, it can be troublesome for you.

First, you need to identify the reason behind the biting. Birds often bite when they feel threatened. So, if that is the case with your bird, make sure that the bird does feel safe near you. Then, you have to understand the bird’s language and tame it accordingly.

How To Tame A Cockatiel That Is Scared?

If your cockatiel is scared, you have to develop trust with it. If the bird doesn’t trust you, it will be scared and avoid coming near you. So, it is important to make the environment safe and then start taming the cockatiel.

How To Tame A Cockatiel Chick?

The baby cockatiel needs a safe and loving environment to be tamed. Develop some good habits in your pet and practice the habits daily.

How To Tame A Cockatiel Quickly?

how to tame a cockatiel

To tame your cockatiel quickly, communicate with the bird daily. Talk to the bird and make you known to it. Once you do that, start teaching some words like jump or hop.

How To Tame A Angry Cockatiel?

If your bird has anger issues, it is necessary to address them. An angry cockatiel can be troublesome for you and your house. So, connect with your bird by communicating as much as possible. This will help the bird in controlling the aggression and you will be able to tame it easily.

How To Tame An Aggressive Cockatiel?

The famous saying “practice makes the man perfect” is true in this case. You have to find the reason behind the anger and make sure that it is not repeated.


  1. How to tame an aviary cockatiel?

You can tame an aviary bird with patience. Be calm with the bird and teach him some habits.

  1. How to tame an older cockatiel?

It will take some time to teach an older cockatiel as it will have to learn from the beginning. So, be patient with it.

  1. How to tame an untamed cockatiel?

A cockatiel that has not been tamed before can be tamed with the simple tricks mentioned above.

  1. How to tame a wild cockatiel?

Wild cockatiel might be aggressive with humans. So, try to keep it in the cage initially. Then, it will connect with the humans slowly.

  1. How to train a baby cockatiel bird?

You can use the mentioned tricks to tame your baby cockatiel bird.