How To Give a Dog a Pill – A Guide to Administering Medication to Your Pet

As a proud pet parent, there is nothing more exciting than seeing your pet in a healthy and happy condition. But like all things, sickness or illness can make your beloved pet suffer a lot. Of course, vet-approved medications can ensure better health for your pet. But the real challenge is, how to give a dog a pill? Read the article to find easy ways for making your pet eat their medicine without any issues!

My pet dog or cat simply refuses to take their medicines. Or, it’s a lot of hardships and tussles to give medicine to my beloved pet. It gets tiring and frustrating every time there is a need to give my pet his medicine.

Sounds familiar? Yes, these are the common reactions pet owners give whenever the pet needs to take the pills. Of course, there are some lucky souls, whose pet behaves like an angel when it comes to taking medicines without any tantrums.


Giving Medicine to Your Pet

how to give a dog a pill

If giving medicine to your pet seems like a battle or you are worried about how to give a dog a pill, then we have curated some easy ideas and tricks which are approved and suggested by veterinarian experts!

How to give a dog a pill without food?

Most vets recommend using a pill pusher where you have to push the pill at the back of your pet’s throat. This ensures your fingers remain safe from the possible bites from your pet. You can always take the vet’s help if giving tablets to your pet without food sounds like an impossible task. You can learn the trick from the vet and apply the same next time or whenever there is a need to give medication to the pet.

How to give a dog a pill with peanut butter?

If your pet likes lickable things to eat then you can simply place a pill inside the peanut butter and let the pet eat a spoonful of peanut butter along with the pill inside. This medicine hide trick is simple and works!

How to give a dog a pill with food?

how to give a dog a pill

You can hide the pill in your pet’s regular food and allow the pet to eat the same without getting moody or suspicious. With the regular food routine, the pet will hardly get a feeling of you feeding them something unusual, at unusual times.

How to give a dog a pill on an empty stomach?

If the pet needs to take medicine on an empty stomach, then allow your pet to be in the upright sitting position first. Now tilt the head of your pet back and encourage them to open their mouth. You can use the pill pusher to place the pill at the back of their throat. Close their mouth and allow the pet to take its medicine slowly. Don’t be in a hurry. You can even gently massage their throat in order to encourage them to swallow the pill.

How to give a dog a pill with a pill gun?

A pill gun can be an effective tool to give medicine to your pet. To apply this trick, just place the capsule or pill at the front area of the pill gun. Now just pull back the plunger and open the pet’s mouth. As much as possible, allow it to release the pill towards the end of the pet’s throat.

How to give a dog a pill without getting bit?

how to give a dog a pill

The easiest way to give your pet medicines or pills without getting bitten by them is to hide the pills in their regular food. You can also give the pill along with special treats like peanut butter, cheese chunks, Liverwurst, pet-friendly treats, etc. Also, consider using pet-friendly mechanics like a pill gun, pill pusher, etc.

How to give a dog a pill after dental surgery?

If your pet has had dental surgery and is required to take medicines then the easiest way to do it, is by keeping the pill inside their regular food or special treats like sticky peanut butter, soft cheese, etc. The liquid medications can be given with juice, canned food, baby food, etc.


 How to give a dog an antibiotic pill?

You can hide the medicine inside a wet, gooey, solid, or strong-smelling food. You can use a pill gun or pill pusher to give the pills to your pet. Contact the vet and take their advice if your pet refuses to take medicines ever after these easy and most recommended tricks.

How to give a dog allergy medicine?

Allergy medicines like dog Benadryl can be given to the pet with liquid food. In such cases, add the required dosage of the medicine inside the dog-friendly liquid food like canned food, tuna juice, etc.

How to give a dog a pill when he won’t eat?

Use simple methods like adding meds inside the regular food, peanut butter, or special treats like soft cheese balls. You can always use a pill pusher too. When all the attempts fail to give the pet medicine, then talk to your vet and get advice.

How to give a dog a pill orally?

To give your dog the medicine orally, you first need to allow the dog to sit in an upright or straight position. Gently tilt his head back and open their mouth. Push the pill at the back of their throat and gently close the mouth. Let the dog swallow the pill without any force. Massage the throat or use encouraging words here.

How to give a dog a pill before surgery?

Most surgical procedures are done on an empty stomach so you can always contact the vet to know whether there is a requirement of giving medicine to your pet prior to the surgery.