How Often Should You Walk Your Dog? An Essential Guide

When nature makes its call, you have to stop everything and go to the toilet. You cannot cross your legs to control it forever.

Similarly, your furry pets need to empty their bladder and clean their bowels. The answer? Outdoor walks.


How often do you walk your dog?

how often do you walk your dog

If you are a new dog parent, you must be wondering multiple things simultaneously. Fortunately, understanding the needs and requirements of your pets strengthens your bond and makes you a better parent.

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The growing intimacy between Joey and Dawson was a forever favorite of the audience. However, since many people criticized Dawson Creek for its sex talk, they made a few changes.

They replaced the sentence with how often do you walk your dog. Dawson replies by saying that he usually walks his dog in the early morning.

How often should you walk your dog to pee?


One of the most important reasons for taking our dogs out on a walk is to attend nature’s call. However, the number of times a dog is required to attend depends on its age and health condition.

In the case of an adult dog, you should take them out to pee at least 3-4 times. On the contrary, puppies who are not potty trained and older dogs who suffer from some disease do not need to go out frequently. Moreover, their pee breaks are shorter and less frequent than other dogs.

In addition to this, always remember that dogs use their pee to mark their territory. It also helps them to leave their scent behind and communicate with other dogs of your locality.

Therefore, try to avoid rushing through such things. Let your dog take time to sniff and decide where to do the doggy business.

How often should you walk your dog to potty?

The answer to this common question relies on different factors. Their size, age, and potty trained level are the top determining factors.

If your pet is not potty trained at all, you need to take them out more frequently than others. It includes morning walks and then going out once every few hours.

Apart from this, dogs usually empty their bowels soon after their meals. It means that you should let your pet out at least 3-5 times a day.

After all, irregular bowel movements can cause discomfort in the bladder and other health issues. How often do you walk your dog.

How often should you walk your dog a day?

how often do you walk your dog

We often read about the health benefits of taking your pets out on a walk-in nature. However, only a few tell us how often do you walk your dog.

Adhering to the golden rule, you should walk your pets at least 3-4 times every day. The preferred duration of these walks is generally around 15 minutes.

However, this is not the standard solution.

In other words, the duration and frequency of outdoor walks required for dogs depend on many factors. It includes their breed, size, age, health conditions, etc.

Let us consider the example of small dogs. For them, a walk a day is more than enough. On the contrary, high-energy breed dogs who are always super active and energized require at least 3-4 walks a day. How often do you walk your dog.

In this way, different factors play a role in determining your dog’s walk schedule.

How often should you walk your dog a week?

how often do you walk your dog

Generally, dogs benefit enough from around two hours of physical activity every day. It might be more than enough for some breeds.

Despite that, on average, you should walk your dog for at least 14 hours a week. But these calculations vary from dog to dog.

Therefore, you must analyze your small pet’s condition and draft a perfect walking schedule.


How often should i walk my dog to lose weight?

Before beginning with the answer to this question, you must remember something. Walking to lose weight is different than walking for some physical activity or pleasure.

So the first thing you need to make your dog lose a little weight is to intensify their walks. You can do this by increasing the duration and frequency of your daily walks.

Aim for a 30 minutes brisk walk every day. Doing this will give you the best start to your pet’s weight loss journey.

How often should you walk your dog in the winter?

The cold winter mornings and nights come with many challenges for your pets. Despite that, it is always good to walk them out in the bright sunshine and let them breathe fresh air.

Under such conditions that can cause frostbite and hypothermia, you must limit your daily walks. Generally, a 10-15 minutes walk twice or thrice a day is enough.

How often should you walk your boxer dog?

The boxer breed can go all day long without feeling overwhelmed and tired. It is an energetic dog breed that usually requires a 30-35 minutes walk twice a day.