How Much Does it Cost to Own a Ferret? – A Guide to Ferret Prices

Ferrets are cute and tiny pet animals that bond well with people. The quiet and friendly nature makes them adorable. To understand how much is ferret, you must know the other costs associated with it. Generally, the cost of the ferret is less when compared to the price spent on its accommodation. A pet cage, vaccination, cage accessories, bedding, toys, food, license, vet fees, etc, are to be considered before buying a ferret. This article contains information about how much is a ferret.


How much is a ferret at PetSmart?

how much is a ferret

PetSmart is a top pet selling store where you can find many breeds of cats, dogs, rats, snakes, turtles, and many other cute animals. The price of a ferret is relatively cheaper at PetSmart. The cost varies according to the breed, size, and age of the pet. At PetSmart, the starting price is around $50 and increases up to $250.

How much is a ferret at Petland?

The cost of a ferret at Petland is mostly double the times in other stores. But the pets here are cuteness overloaded that the organization wishes you to touch the pests before you know the price. Hence, the prices are not displayed on their websites. Visit the store to know the exact value of the ferret you love.

How much is a ferret worth?

It may require around $75 to $250 to purchase a ferret. On average, it costs $100. The other necessary supplies including food, cage, gage, a bowl may cost you around $75. There is nothing overpriced. You might even need $300 in total to buy and take care of a ferret.

How much is a ferret at pet supplies plus?

how much is a ferret

The cheapest breed of ferret ranges from $50 to $130. Ferret for the price from $130 to $150 is considered to be the less expensive one. The ferrets you find above this cost are the most expensive ones and they range between $140 to $250.

How much is a ferret at a pet supermarket?

Ferrets are priced on an average of $40 to $220. The price varies according to age, breed, health conditions, and so on. Female ferrets cost more than male ferrets.


How much is a ferret from a breeder?

Buying a ferret from a breeder is the most expensive when compared to buying from stores. A baby ferret will be priced around $100 – $500. A well-grown adult ferret costs around $100 – $300. Even though the price is high, it will be assured that the pet is in a good condition.

How much is it to get a ferret descended?

Descending a ferret will cost you extra. The cost for the descending surgery is around $100 with added neutering costs for about $50 – $75. On the whole, an extra $200 will be added to the price of a normal ferret. This cost is still higher if the age of the ferret is six weeks or below.

As you might be quite familiar with how much is a ferret, you can start searching for a cute one now.