How Long Does a Cockatiel Live? Find Out Now!


How Long Will A Cockatiel Live?

If you are researching about the Cockatiels scientifically known as Nymphicus hollandicus, you must be familiar with their charming characteristics, how adorable, unique, affectionate, intelligent, and most importantly how faithful they are as birds.

Now the question ‘how long does a cockatiel live?’, has a dwindling answer, because its lifespan and existence solely depend on its living conditions. When pampered in such a way that it gets access to a healthy diet and appropriate living conditions, it shall live undoubtedly longer.

how long does a cockatiel live

Let us look at all the queries related to the question of how long does a cockatiel live as per the conditions around it.

  1. How Many Years Does A Cockatiel Live

Foretelling the life of Cockatiel is not always easy, the answer to their lifespan is dependable on many factors. If living in a wild environment, the land and climate they inhabit can be harsh or being nomadic, the survival on food and water may be difficult to find.

Everything has been addressed below:

Wild Cockatiels- 10- 15 years

Captive Cockatiels- 25-30 years

Pet Cockatiels- 20-25 years

Without Food- 2 days at max

Weather Affected-

  • Winter- Not Below 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Summer- Not above 80-100 degrees Fahrenheit


  1. How Long Does A Cockatiel Live In Captivity
  • The Cockatiel birds have a considerably longer lifespan than other pet birds making the buying a decision Herculean one. The pet owner ought to buy the responsibility for its care along with the bird.
  • Although the cockatiel in wild can survive for about 15 years, a captive Cockatiel given good nurture and care can live unexpectedly up to 25-30 years. It is said that these birds are true “to the bone and the bond” and thus, most of the owner’s motive with these birds is to keep them for a lifetime.
  1. How Long Does A Cockatiel Live As A Pet?

Pet Cockatiels can survive much more than the wild ones as they get a chance to maintain a healthy and nutritious life when kept under proper conditions by their owners. Their life can be twice that of the wild Cockatiels, as the average life expectancy of pet Cockatiels is 20 years, and thus some of them can live up to 25-30 years.

how long does a cockatiel live

  1. How Long Can A Cockatiel Live Without Food?

The folklore and misconception that these birds can survive just on seeds is an utter fallacy. Though certain wild birds survived on seeds, pet birds rather need a mixed diet including grains, berries, sprouts, rice, leafy veggies, and at times extra foods like a mineral block can prove to be handy for healthy survival.

If these birds don’t get any food, they may starve to death without food by the end of a day or 2.

  1. How Long Can A Cockatiel Live In Cold Weather?

Cockatiels are originated from Australia, a region with varied high and low temperatures. A cockatiel can survive 40 degrees Fahrenheit as its minimum threshold and 80-110 degrees Fahrenheit at its warmest extreme.

However, subjecting your pet to the extremes for long periods of time can lead to unsustainable body temperatures and a ruptured life span.



  1. How long can a cockatiel live without water?

Answer: 2 days.

  1. How long can a cockatiel live in a house?

Answer: Provided with good care, environment, and nourishment, it can live for 20-25 years.

  1. How long can a cockatiel live without food and water?

Answer: 18- 36 hours.