How Long Do Cockatiels Live?

Cockatiels, scientifically known as ‘Nymphicus hollandicus’ are native Australian avian. They are generally 12 to 14 inches in size and considered one of the popular bird species. If you have one or you are planning to get one, you might be wondering, how long do cockatiels live?

Well, it depends on many factors. Cockatiels are one of those birds which live in flocks or at least pair. However, these avians have harsh life in the wild. The average lifespan of a wild cockatiel is nearly 10-14 years.


How Long Do Cockatiels Live As Pets?

How long do cockatiels live

Surprisingly, cockatiels can live much longer as pets. Cockatiel’s potential lifespan completely depends upon the care provided. If they are well nurtured and have a safe and healthy life, they would be you for many years. The average lifespan of a captivated cockatiel is 20-25 years.

 Here are some factors that affect how long do cockatiels live as pets.

  1. Diet

A cockatiel’s diet is the first and foremost factor. Like humans, these avians also need a proper and healthy diet for a happy life. Seeds or sprouted seeds, grains, berries, especially formulated pellets, unsalted rice, fruits, etc can make up a good diet for cockatiels.

Also, make sure his diet is not all fatty and bulky. Otherwise, this avian might suffer from obesity or fatty liver disease, or any related issue. So, make sure to add a lot of vegetables to your cockatiel’s diet.

  1. Exercise

Exercising is another necessary factor for a long and healthy lifespan. No matter what cockatiel eats, exercising is always crucial. You should keep your cockatiel in a cage having sufficient area for him to stretch and exercise. Also, allow him to come out of the captivity and fly in the air, at least once a day.

  1. Air-Quality

These avian have a sensitive respiratory system. Make sure your bird doesn’t live in a polluted environment. Even a candle fume is not good for your cockatiel’s health.

  1. Care

A cockatiel is a very sensitive bird and needs your attention and presence. Socializing will make him very happy. Never leave your cockatiel alone, even for a day. Taking his care and being with him will increase his life span, eventually.

  1. Veterinary check-ups

Your cockatiel might be suffering from some problem and you may not even have a hint of it. So, taking him for veterinary check-ups regularly will ensure your cockatiel good health.

Do Cockatiels Die Easily?

How long do cockatiels live

It is no wonder that these little birds can die easily. Here are some factors that can lead to a cockatiel’s death.

  1. Loneliness and depression

Cockatiels are one of those birds which are very and depressed easily. These little birds can die of loneliness. Also, if their companion or mate dies, cockatiels get depressed. These birds may be found to do self-mutilation.

  1. Accident

 A cockatiel can die unfortunately due to an accident. An open window, fan, sharp objects, etc can lead to their sudden death.

  1. Medical issue

Sometimes your teel is may be unlucky and have a genetic defect which can lead to sudden death

  1. Acute fatal illness

A healthy diet, socializing and good care can add several years to your cockatiel’s lifespan. But unfortunately, sometimes the bird can die unexpectedly. You might be wondering what leads to search unexpected death when everything is alright?

Cockatiels and some other avian get easily affected by the acute fatal disease. Your bird may die unexpectedly without showing any previous signs of illness.


What Are Signs Of A Cockatiel Dying?



  1. Decreased appetite and weight-loss

If your cockatiel is eating less or not at all eating or fake eating, it is a red flag. Cockatiel’s decreased appetite means the bird is suffering from some serious illness, it may be physical or psychological. Also, you should check his weight regularly. Other than this, if you can feel your cockatiels breast bones mean the avian has lost weight and something is not right.

  1. Feather plucking and poor feather condition

Feathers tell a lot about a cockatiel’s health. A cockatiel can start feather plucking from illness or loneliness or even sometimes boredom. If he is doing it regularly, then this is a serious psychological problem. Also, if you notice puffed feathers regularly or poor weather conditions your cockatiel needs you.

  1. Lethargic behavior

A sick bird will become lethargic. Cockatiel may become very still or sometimes it may appear imbalanced or maybe even fall off a perch. These are some other signs of illness or death.

  1. Discharges

Cockatiels may produce a discharge around their eyes, ears, or nostrils. These areas may become swollen or discolored. This indicates they are not well.

  1. Shivering or vomiting

A cockatiel approaching death will appear cold. The bird may be shivering or panicking. Vomiting is also a common sign in some birds suffering from severe disease or infection. 

Do Cockatiels Get Attached To Their Owners?

How long do cockatiels live

Cockatiels form strong bonds with their owners. They get very attached to them. They are no different from humans when it comes to attachment. They can easily recognize their owners.

These lovely birds also miss their owners and may get lonely if their owners leave them for long because for them it’s a big thing. Cockatiels are intelligent and can talk and perform tricks. They become excited and delighted when their owner enters the room or come back after a few hours. Cockatiels also recognize their owners’ sounds, footsteps or body motions, etc.

Here are some signs that this little bird is attached to its owner.

  • Cockatiels start chirping or whistling as their owners enter the room or come near them.
  • They roll their back and extend claws.
  • They spread their body feathers and crouch their head forward.
  • They make noises to show excitement, affection and become immediately active.

These friendly engaging and sociable birds are fun to have around and can give you years of loyalty and companionship, provided they get attention and care.


  1. How long do cockatiels live on average?

        Cockatiels have an average lifespan of 12-15 years.

  1. How long do cockatiels live as pets?

        As pets, cockatiels live nearly 20-25 years.

  1. How long do cockatiels live in a cage?

        Generally, cockatiels live 16-25 years in a cage.

  1. How long do cockatiels live in human years?

        The Lifespan of a cockatiel is 10-14 years.

  1. How long can cockatiels live without food and water?

       Cockatiels can survive 24-48 hours without food and water.

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