Top 10 Best Indoor Cat Breeds for a Happy Home

Best indoor cat breeds bring you a list of different housecats that makes a great company to have. Not only that, they do have some amazing characteristics as well which you shall learn as you read further.


Best Indoor Cat Breeds – Buying Guide

There are multiple cat breeds around so, to make it easier for you to have your favorite cat, here is a list of the best indoor cat breeds to choose from. Also, know about the factors to look for while you are buying your best indoor cat breeds.

  1. The cat that is right for you: Kittens are always a very adorable thing and make the heart want to adopt one immediately. But it is always very important to let the kitten grow a bit and observe the nature of the cat it turns out to be. It is best to make a decision then.
  2. Know about your duration of stay at home: Cats are demanding animals and they need to be given time. So, before you buy the cat know about your work schedule so that you are also at home enough hours for the cat to enjoy your company and also be taken care of.
  3. Home cat or outdoor cat: This is also a very important aspect to find if the cat is a home cat or an outdoor cat. If you are adopting a cat that is more prone to living outdoors then it shall be wrong to force the animal to stay at home for long hours. Know your purpose, and know the nature of the cat too before buying one.

Best Indoor Cat Breeds –Reviews

  1. Burmese

best indoor cat breeds

This is surely one of the best house cat breeds that don’t shed.  Burmese is a well-domesticated cat and mixes well with the owner and his family. Presumably, this breed of cat has an Asian origin to it. This cat has a compact structure having a small rounded head and a wide pair of yellow eyes. This cat has a short glossy coat having a fine texture. When it is a kitten, it has a milk chocolate color. But as it grows, the color starts to darken and turn to rich sable brown. They are surely the best house cat breeds that don’t shed. And due to its friendly nature and affection for people, it is the best indoor cat breed.

    2. Sphynx

Sphynx for sure is one of the best breed of cats indoors. They are also often called the Velcro cat. This is one such adorable best breed of cats for indoors, who love to curl up over the owner’s lap. The kittens are also extremely adorable as well and as they grow, they develop a great sense of comfort walking in the house besides other members. Surely, they make the best indoor cat breeds. They have an inquisitive and intelligent nature and shall you shall always find them standing at the door greeting you inside the house. Even though these are hairless cat breeds but they do require proper grooming to maintain the health of their skin.

   3. Ocicat

best indoor cat breeds

Ocicat has a gorgeous coat having spots on it. they shed their fur very minimally as compared to other breeds, making them the friendliest cat breeds that don’t shed. They have a tight coat that requires to be brushed each week. A rubber brush is the perfect one for use on them as it removes all the dead hair. These cats have a spotted pattern all across their body in various colors such as chocolate, brown, lilac, fawn, and blue which makes them look extremely adorable. These cats are very devoted and energetic making them the friendliest cat breeds that don’t shed. For sure, this is another of the best indoor cat breeds to have as they are the happiest in an active home whose members share with them regular playtime.

   4. Donskoy

For certain, these are the best cat breeds for indoor living. Donskoy is a native of Russia and is almost as loyal as a dog. Because they have a natural tendency to inquisitiveness, it is very much easier for training them making them the best cat breeds for indoor living. They love the company of people in the house so much that they even show signs of anxiety if left alone for a long time. These best indoor cat breeds are almost hairless in nature as well. these cats do require to be given a bath on a daily basis in order to keep them fit and their skin healthy. Bathing removes excess oils that are in their skin, ears, and nail beds as well. it is very easy to bathe these cats just by putting them in the sink or by using warm water and a washcloth.


  1. What is the easiest cat breed to take care of?

Donskoy is surely one breed of cat which is very easy to take care of or give them a bath as well.

    2. What is the best indoor cat to have?

The friendly nature and activeness of Ocicat make them one of the best indoor cats to have.

   3. What breed of cat makes the best indoor cat?

Sphynx is one of the best breeds for indoor cats. They are extremely adorable and also develop comfort in the house mixing well with the members. They love humans so much that would often curl up over the lap and sit there for hours. they do have very expressive body language to communicate their needs. More to that they even understand the various hand gestures of their fellow humans too. these cats are not only intelligent but are also inquisitive as well. when you are out of the house, upon return you shall see them standing at the door greeting you in.