How To Clip Cockatiel Wings

Cockatiels are cute little birds. Those are kept as pets in many European and American countries. The most frequently asked questions regarding the care of a Cockatiel are related to clipping their wings. For example, how to clip Cockatiel wings, how much does it cost to clip a cockatiel’s wings, how often to clip Cockatiel … Read more

How To Tell The Age Of A Cockatiel Bird?

How to tell the age of a cockatiel bird

A cockatiel may live somewhere around 10 to 25 yrs as just a pet, also with the longest recorded longevity having 36 years. Newborn cockatiels vary considerably throughout the very first year of their lifetime, allowing their year to be estimated within several months. Through the age of this year, they had reached adult size. … Read more

3 Best Cages For Ferrets

Best Cages For Ferrets

Ferrets are the most loved pets in European counties. This is so because they are active and energetic. So if you also own one or more than one ferret and looking for the best cages for ferrets then this article will help you to find the best one for your ferrets. Keeping ferrets is not … Read more

Know What Can Cockatiel Eat

what can cockatiel eat

Cockatiels are cute small birds. They are kept as a pet in many European countries, this is so because of their cuteness and activeness. Keeping cockatiel is not simple you have to take care of their diet, home, and health. The most frequently asked question about keeping them is what can cockatiel eat. As humans … Read more

Find The Best Perches For Cockatiels With The Help Of Product Reviews And Links

best perches for cockatiels

Birds usually fly or sit. But birds like a cockatiel do not fly more. They tend to perch more than having a flight. For birds like cockatiels who need to perch whether they are resting, sleeping, or eating. We need to choose the best perches for cockatiels. It is important to provide a variety of … Read more

Find The 7 Best Cat Food For Ferrets With Certain Product Reviews

best cat food for ferrets

Ferrets are the most loved pets these days because of their activeness and cuteness. Earlier people used to keep dogs and cats as pets in their houses. But, keeping a ferret as a pet sounds good right? These ferrets are energetic and foodie. The question is what kind of food do ferrets eat? Ferrets love … Read more

7 Best Cat Harness – A safe and Secure Option for Your Cat

best cat harness

While you walk your cat down the lane, does it ever go out of your control and start roaming? While you stand there and wonder about buying a leash for it? This article is a perfect guide for you where we will help you to choose the best cat harness. Tying a cat to a … Read more